Nerve pain caused by sciatica or a pinched nerve can be both painful and frightening. Untreated, it can become severe and potentially cause permanent damage. There are several areas where the nerve can be irritated, so a proper diagnosis is essential. Our office offers therapies to relieve pain, as well as decompression to relieve pressure and speed the healing process.



Headaches are a common reason people seek medical help. The types and causes of headaches vary widely, but the more common headaches include migraines, tension headaches, and cervicogenic headaches. These types of headaches respond wonderfully to the spinal adjusting and releasing muscular tension that chiropractors in Kirkwood provide.

Neck Pain Relief


Neck pain can come from muscles, discs, joints, or nerves. It can be brought on by injury, poor posture, sleeping in a bad position or even stress. Our chiropractor uses proven therapies to help the neck heal properly and restore proper alignment. We also specialize in treating whiplash injuries. If you are experiencing a kinked neck you may call our office for relief.

Low Back Pain


80% of adults in the US have been bothered by lower back pain at some point. In a recent article by Consumer Reports Chiropractic was noted as the most effective method in treating low back pain. Visit Dr. O'Guin in St. Louis to find out how this respected chiropractor can help your lower back pain - located in Kirkwood, MO..